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Windows 8 - How to Forget a Wireless Network

Windows 8
How to Forget a Wireless Network

Windows 8 has changed the way that you forget/remove a wireless network profile from Windows. They have actually made it easier than the past versions of Windows. You also might be asking yourself why I would want to forget a wireless network. One of the main reasons is when security adjustments have been made to your wireless router/access point. This can sometimes cause your wireless connection to not be able to connect. You can also use this if your computer keeps connecting to an unwanted wireless network, such as a neighbors connection. Another reason is when you are connecting to a SSID that has the exact same name as another network you previously connected with but different security settings. Below you will see how to remove wireless network profiles from your device.

Windows 8.1
For Windows 8, see next section

With the update to Windows 8.1, the option to right click on a network name and choose to forget this network has been removed. If settings on a wireless network have changed, the next time you connect to the network, you should be given an option to forget the network and then can try to reconnect. Otherwise, the only other option to remove a wireless network is by using the Command Prompt. Below are the steps on how to use the Command Prompt to view the wireless profiles on the PC and how to remove one.

  1. Move your cursor towards the top right of the screen, or swipe your finger along the right side if on a touch screen. A menu should open along the right. From here, click on the Search button.

  2. Now on the top right, you should have a Search field that you can type in to. In this field, type cmd. You should then be given a black icon below the search field that says Command Prompt. Click on Command Prompt.

  3. To view what wireless profiles are saved on your computer, type in the following in to the Command Prompt:
    netsh wlan show profiles

  4. Once you have the name of the wireless network that you would like to remove type in the following command. Replace ProfileName with the name of the wireless profile that you would like to remove. In my example, I am removing linksys.

    netsh wlan delete profile name="ProfileName"

Windows 8
  1. First you will want to click on your Network Connection icon located in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

  2. Now you will want to right click on the network you want to remove/forget.

  3. Once you have right clicked on the network that you want to remove, select Forget this network.

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